Don’t let the success of others keep you from creating your own.

Before I started my company, I did a LOT of research. I researched the industry, the market, and my would-be competitors. I found other women who were inspirational, I saw the success that can be achieved from creating a company like this… but I also saw that there are A LOT of people trying to do the same thing as me.

I sat in my bedroom, toying with the idea of starting this company for MUCH longer than it took to actually start the company and get my first few clients, because I couldn’t shake the question in my head “why even start?”

It’s easy to see other companies that do something you dream of doing, and think “well, they’re already doing it successfully, why should I even start one of my own?” This thought process can quickly lead to feeling like the world only needs one of these types of companies, and nobody will be interested in what you do because other people have been doing it longer, or have a bigger platform, or work with big clients, or… the list goes on and on.

I’m here to tell you that the world can handle more than one company in your field, and even more so, the world NEEDS you to pursue your dreams. I’ll say it again: the world NEEDS YOU TO PURSUE YOUR DREAMS. Here’s why you should start…

You are the only one of you.

Okay, this may seem obvious, but hear me out. There may be other companies out there, other entrepreneurs, and other hustlers… but YOU are the only one of YOU. There is nobody in the world who has your same life experiences, your same insights, your same heart, or your same goals.

Sure, there may be people with more experience, but the experience YOU have is unique to you. Nobody in the world can create the same exact content as you, because they are not you. No matter what industry you are dreaming of breaking into, I guarantee they do not already have someone identical to you in that field. That’s what is so exciting about starting your own company, or pursuing your own ideas– only YOU can create a company that has been thought of inside YOUR head, and the ideas you will be pursuing are strictly YOURS.

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “imitation is the greatest form of flattery.” I 100% agree with this idea, because no matter how well someone copies another person’s ideas, their content will never be as good as the original. (Things are called “knock-offs” for a reason!) In the same way, your concept of a company will never be exactly the same as someone else’s, because it’s impossible to perfectly replicate anything. Yours will be different (and it should be!)

Everyone gets their inspiration from somewhere.

There is a famous quote classically attributed to Picasso that says, “good artists copy, great artists steal.” Whaaat? I know, I know, I felt like this quote was icky at first too. Of COURSE, directly stealing someone else’s work is a definite no-go. This quote is actually referring to the idea that very little art is truly original, because great artists find inspiration in other great artists’ work. As creators, thinkers, and do-ers, we are always going to learn from those who came before us, which means the original ideas we are dreaming up inevitably came from someone else’s original ideas (and that’s okay!) If you want to dive deeper into this idea, Austin Kleon wrote a book called “Steal Like an Artist,” that talks about this exact point.

Your ideas are just as good– trust yourself!

Once you have ideas, it’s time to start trusting them. This is where the true magic happens, because your personal ideas have not yet been put into the world. If you start to doubt yourself, the world will never get to benefit from the brilliance that is inside of you. The world will simply go on: unchanged and unknowingly missing out. We deserve more than to go on without your ideas.