Let’s just be honest – anxiety can be terrifying. You may have felt it creep in when you’re under a tight deadline and feel like you just don’t have enough time. Or maybe when you’re creating your yearly budget and realize you didn’t save as much as you wanted to. 

The first thing we need to remember is – anxiety is totally normal and regardless of how mentallly strong you are, you will likely continue to feel it from time to time. The big goal here is to manage this feeling (and all feelings for that matter) so that even in your most stressful moments, you remain in control of your business and your life. 

Here are a few things to remember when it comes to managing your anxiety:

Anxiety is just a feeling.

There is nothing to fear about a feeling. Sometimes when we’re in the midst of it, we start to feel like we’re out of control, like we’re crazy, and that’s simply not true. Anxiousness is just another human feeling, like any other, and it will pass like all feelings do.

Detach from the feeling.

When anxiety first strikes, we first feel it somewhere in our body. Recognize where in your body you first feel it. Now typically, when we first notice it, we immediately want to fight it. You may think something like, “Why am I feeling this way? Oh no, I don’t want to feel this way.” Often, this makes the anxiety worse and it begins to feel out of control. As soon as you start to feel it rise up in your body, acknowledge it by saying, “Okay, that is anxiety”. By examining this from a second perspective, you’re able to detach from the feeling and remind yourself that you are in control.

Gratitude is the solution.

Regardless of how you got to this point of anxiety, your thoughts are the key to relief. This is a tough concept to grasp, because typically when we’re overcome with anxiety, we feel like our thoughts are the enemy. So how do we gain control of our thoughts in these moments of fear? Gratitude. Now, I know the concept of gratitude has been exhausted in the world of self development, but there is so much more to showing gratitude than most people think. When you take a few minutes to write down a few things, you’re slowing down your mind to focus on something positive. Your heart rate slows, you become present and aware of all the good in your life. This naturally redirects your attention away from your anxiety and onto your blessings.

Be aware of your thoughts.

It’s possible that your thoughts may have triggered your anxiety. If you’ve been in a stressful place and thinking thoughts of fear, scarcity or doubt, it’s likely that your anxiety is a result. This is a tough one to grasp because sometimes it strikes and it feels like it’s come out of nowhere. But if you were to really examine the things you’ve been telling yourself, you may see how you were inadvertently instilling feelings of fear into your mind, eventually accumulating into anxiety. So how do we fix this – pay attention to your thoughts and consciously choose thoughts that bring about positive feelings.

About the author: Sophie Stickelmaier is a Certified Success Coach with a passion for helping young women master their mindsets and achieve massive joy in all areas of their life. To learn more, head over to sophiestickelmaier.com.