Meet Hope Harris, a self- proclaimed travelholic, runner, reader, latte connoisseur, dog mom, and founder of Positive Statement Co.

Positive Statement Co. is so much more than trendy handmade, gold-plated, clay earrings. Hope Harris makes each one of your clay cuties by hand in Bentonville, AR and pours into them to ensure you have a pair of unique and stylish statement earrings. Plus, 10% of all sales goes to support the digital missions of YouVersion! (Which now has over 400 million downloads and counting!) Keep reading to learn more about Hope and her entrepreneurial journey…


Q + A

1. How long have you been dreaming up this brand?

I’ve dreamed of starting my own company since college. I wanted to find a way to give back and make others happy at the same time, but it took quite a bit of thinking and trial and error to figure out what would stick. For instance, I started a company where I did resumes, tried to launch a company that did thank you notes, and even thought about selling my chocolate gravy mix. I love to create and make things that feel personal and thoughtful. Finally one day it hit me that clay earrings and Statement bracelets would be my next venture and I’d finally get to live out the mission I dreamed of for so long. I love to see people living up to their full potential and dreaming big so I knew the company would have positive vibes and give back to something near and dear to my heart – digital missions. In this case the YouVersion Bible App. 10% is donated to the app to support digital missions.


2. What’s the story behind Positive Statement Co.‘s name? 

 Positive Statement Co. is a bit of play on words. You’ll see lots of positive statements and word art shared on my Instagram. You’ll also see Statement pieces on my site which I hope bring positive vibes and a mindset to anyone wearing my brand. I want people to feel empowered that their purchase is making a difference and to feel inspired to follow their dreams or whatever they are feeling called to do.


3. What do you hope people will take away from your brand?

I want people to take away a feeling of if she can do that, why can’t I step out on a limb and chase my dream. I also want them to know they are loved, known, and adored by God and those around them. That a little positivity can go along way – whether that’s a positive Statement or just a little bit of confidence from wearing a Statement piece of jewelry. I hope people are inspired to check out the YouVersion Bible App and explore a relationship with God as well. I also want them to take away of feeling of a personal touch to each product and know that just like their pair of earrings being one of a kind, they are as well.


Hope has gifted us with a discount code for her adorable pieces- use promo code “joy” for 15% off your purchase!

Check out the Positive Statement Co. Instagram and Website to see more and shop!