Haley Hoffman Smith could inspire you by reading the back of a cereal box. No joke, she’s that good, which explains why she’s been asked by universities and organizations nationwide to come and give one of her amazing talks. Need the proof? Just ask Forbes, as she was “recently named one of today’s Most Influential Female Speakers by Forbes, and a Top 12 Motivational Speaker to Capture Your Audience.”

You can find her bestselling book, Her Big Idea, on the 2018 Must-Read list by the Tory Burch Foundation, and she’s the “founder of the first-ever women’s entrepreneurship incubator on the Brown University campus.” She does all this, while sporting a flawless pair of her own line of false lashes. See? We told you she’s inspiring. Take a look at her Q+A below, and if you can’t get enough, check out her podcast after!

Q + A


1. Tell us about yourself- who are you, and what do you do?

I’m an author, motivational speaker, and I also run a PR & ghostwriting company that helps entrepreneurs gain visibility and communicate their messages! I also have a podcast called Big Conversations where I talk about motivation, spirituality, biohacking, and all aspects of entrepreneurship, and I recently signed with MMG in NYC as a model and actress. 


2. When and why did you start your business/brand?

My brand is a bit of an evolution from my first ever business. I began a nonprofit called Lit Without Limits at age 18 (back in 2015) that donated books and an accompanying curriculum to girls around the world in mentoring groups. Then, I got really excited about encouraging more women to start their businesses, because I saw how taking action on an idea that was formerly just in my head brought me such a sense of purpose and empowerment. So, I began a lot of my work around encouraging women in entrepreneurship through the publication of my book, Her Big Idea, the creation of an incubator for female students on the Brown campus when I was a student there, and then I partnered with Brown to launch the Her Big Idea Fund which allocates grants to women with BIG ideas who need the financial means to bring it to life. 


3. What currently inspires you?

Just yesterday, the song “Live Like You Were Dying” by Tim McGraw came on shuffle and I was covered head to toe with chills. I first heard that song when my dad’s best friend died when I was 12. I haven’t had a lot of experience with death in my life, but that experience really showed me how fragile life is. Anything that reminds me that we only have one life and we might as well do it ALL and do it BIG makes me so emotional. It’s my constant driving inspiration. 


4. What are you looking forward to for your business/ brand this year?

I’m looking forward to the unexpected this year! I feel myself evolving even more. I now feel that my life mission isn’t only to help women bring their big ideas to life, but to bring their big DREAMS to life more generally. I think we all knew what we wanted to be and wanted to do as kids but now that’s lost under layers of invalidation. But our dream is our truth. And we deserve to do everything we’ve ever wanted to do, and smash the pipe dreams, making them real.


5. What do you want people to know about your work?

I want people to know I’m here to serve! I want to help people understand that their dreams, wishes, and hopes are theirs for a reason, and to totally take ownership of them and see where it leads.



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