I don’t know about you, but I am 100% a better worker when my office space is neat and organized. Having clutter surrounding me makes me feel cluttered, and it’s sometimes hard for me to focus unless I clean my space!

Since I’m not trying to start every morning with a deep clean, 😅 I’ve compiled a list of products found on Amazon to help keep things tidy! Bonus points- they’re also really cute.

These Leather Cord Organizers

I LOVE my technology, but I don’t love having tangled cords on my desk. These leather cord organizers are the perfect tool to keep your cords in line, and they’re a trendy neutral as well!

This Phone Stand

This phone stand is a game changer- not only does it keep your phone charged and propped up for a FaceTime call, but it also helps keep you focused and off of social media when you need to work! It comes in a variety of colors, so it’s sure to match your aesthetic.

This Acrylic Monthly Calendar

This acrylic monthly calendar by Russell + Hazel is a little more expensive than the average wall mounted calendar, but it’s a LOT more beautiful! They also have matching pen cups, hooks, and containers to hold all your desk items!

This Mug Warmer

Nothing keeps me focused on my work like a warm cup o’ joe– that’s why this mug warmer is amazing! Sleek and small, this little guy will keep your latte warm all through the day. It also comes in black!

These Plastic File Organizers

Call me old fashioned, but I still keep important files, and these plastic file organizers are a WAY better place to put them than stuffed in a desk drawer. 😅 Don’t love pink? These come in a variety of trendy colors. These are just a few items, but hopefully they make you feel more organized and ready to tackle all your projects! What is your biggest challenge when it comes to organizing your office?