Okay, let’s get one thing straight. I’ve been where you are: googling how to grow a following on social media while trying to keep up with algorithm changes, creating content, and keeping the rest of the business afloat. It is hard work, and I get it! That’s why I’m here to tell you the foolproof method you need to increase your social media following in 2020… and I am willing to bet this method with withstand any algorithm changes Instagram wants to throw at us. 😉

I have had the privilege of running social media accounts for many businesses, and I have noticed a trend among accounts that grow quickly. This trend has become my biggest strategy when it comes to social media, and it is bigger than any hashtag. Are you ready?

Your posts need purpose.

That’s right. It seems simple, but let me explain. oftentimes companies, brands, and influencers will feel pressure to post on social media because everyone knows consistency is key when it comes to having a digital presence. While this is true, your posts will start to lose traction if there isn’t purpose behind them.

Every time you post on social media, it is an opportunity for new eyes to see your brand. So, if you’re simply posting because you feel you need to… it might not strike a chord with those new eyes and encourage them to follow. Does this mean every post needs to take hours of your time? No. Should every post be sales-y? Absolutely not. But every post should come with a purpose, and give new viewers a reason to follow along.

Check yourself.

Before you post to social media, ask yourself this question:

“If I were scrolling Instagram and I saw this post, would it make me curious to see more?”

If the answer is no, maybe rethink the post to draw more interest. You could change up the caption by adding a personal anecdote or a trending song lyric, or an intriguing question. Whatever you do, it should make it very clear what the purpose is behind your post.

Here’s an Example…

increase your social media following

This is a pic of me from my Instagram account. The caption was clever, tying in the words on my sweater to the day of the week, but really, the only purpose behind this photo was that I wanted to post it. When I take a step back and ask myself if I’d want to follow me… my answer is probably not.

PS- If posting photos like this gives you joy, then go for it!!! I definitely do from time to time, and social media is meant to be fun. I just do so knowing that I might not be gaining a ton of new followers from this kind of photo.

increase your social media following

Here is another pic of me. Yep, a selfie. However, the caption gives this one a purpose. I introduced myself, shared some fun facts, and asked followers about themselves! I created a sense of community with my caption, and it inspired new followers to check out the rest of my feed.

Guess what?? This photo got almost twice the amount of engagement than the first example. Simply because it had a purpose behind it.

What’s your purpose?

I usually find that posts fall under one of these categories:


These are the posts that are #goals. Beautiful photography, motivating quotes, and success stories make the viewer excited and inspired in their own life. This kind of post intrigues the viewer and may compel them to follow for more inspo!


Got something you want people to know? This is the educational post. Whether it’s telling people about yourself, your business, a new product, or a philanthropy you support, this kind of post is great for enlightening your viewers and introducing them to what is important to you!

Community Building

Social media is a two- way street– if you want followers, you have to invest in them. No, I’m not talking financially. I’m talking about spending time engaging with followers by asking questions in your captions, getting to know your audience, and showing interest in who they are. This not only helps you gain followers and keep followers, but it also helps you understand what kind of people follow you and what kind of content they may enjoy in the future.

Can you believe I wrote an entire blog on social media growth without mentioning hashtags, growth bots, and quick fixes? That’s because those “tips” are already out there, and everyone is doing them. One of the reasons all those quick tips aren’t working for so many people is because we’ve lost sight of what social media is about in the first place– human connection.

Having a purpose- driven strategy is the first thing you need to do once you’ve decided to grow your social media. Let me tell you from experience, if you don’t have a solid purpose behind your posts, they will likely fall flat.