When we’re in the thick of it, it’s hard to find moments of joy. Whether we’re striving for a promotion or enduring growing pains in our own business, it’s tough to stay joyful when we’re struggling. In these times it’s often much easier to complain about how tired we are, or focus on how far we have to go. But, if we’re getting caught up in the “grind” of the day to day then we’re completely missing the point. 

Here are 3 simple ways to find joy in the hustle at the present moment:

1- Acknowledge everything that’s going right.

Let’s say you’re business is struggling, your car needs new tires, you’ve been working 10 hour days and you’ve eaten microwaved mac and cheese every night this week. It would be so easy to go down a spiral of feeling crushed and sorry for yourself. It would be so easy to complain about how nothing’s going right and you have no idea what you’re doing.

But, these thoughts and words will only cause more agonizing feelings of anxiety and hopelessness. These feelings will not trigger the actions you need to take to get what you want. Instead of fueling your sadness with more negative thoughts, focus in on everything going right. Take 5 minutes everyday to write down 5 things that are going well in your life. You may live in a city with a ton of business opportunities, or you may have a supportive family who can help when things get tough. As soon as you start looking for the good things in your life, not only will you feel better and start taking action, but more good things will begin to flow into your life. What you focus on, you attract more of. So stop buying confetti for your pity party and start acknowledging all of the good things happening right now in your life. 

2- Think back to why you started.

As entrepreneurs, it’s so easy to feel like we’re never doing enough. We’re told we need to put in the grind and hustle our way through the work days, so that one day we can enjoy the fruit of our labor. I personally couldn’t disagree more. If we’re not having fun, what is the point? You likely started your business because you were passionate about something, you were excited and joyful about the start of something new. That’s the energy you need to bring to your business everyday. Remind yourself every day why you started and feel those feelings of excitement. You can do this by writing down your “why” on a post it note and putting it somewhere visible, or making a vision board filled with photos and quotes that remind you why you started . As long as it brings up those feelings of excitement and joy when you see it, then it’s doing the trick.

3- Play more.

When we become adults, we start to see things we did for fun, such as sports or extracurricular activities, as things we don’t have time for anymore. This is even more true for big dreamers and doers, like yourself. Because you likely think you should be spending your time doing something constructive. But the thing is, having fun is incredibly constructive. When you’re having fun, you are creating feelings of joy that are so powerful. You’re creating the energy you need to keep moving forward. Making time to have fun allows you to recharge your batteries and bring more success to your professional and personal life. So go on bike ride, play with your dog, try out for the local musical, take a dance class, go to a comedy club, join a kickball team – whatever is fun and thrilling to you. Your business will thank you.

Stated simply, the more joyful you are, the faster you’ll see your goals manifest. When you’re joyful, you take inspired action which is ten times more powerful than the desperate, fearful action many of us fall prey to. You see, many of us are hungry for success, because we think we’ll feel happy once we have it. We think we’ll feel better once we’re making a lot of money, have X number of clients, get married, buy a house, etc. We think these achievements will make us feel happier, more important, and more fulfilled. But the thing is, you can feel those feelings now. You don’t have to wait. Decide today to feel the feelings of accomplishment, fulfillment and joy you long for. Relish them, journal them and meditate on them. Before you know it, the physical things you desire will take form.  Decide now to view your life from a place of joy – joy in knowing that everything you want is taking shape and the feelings you’re striving for are already yours.