Meeting Morgan Rae Hoog is like meeting a ray of sunshine– you automatically feel warmer, and she helps you see the world in a different light. She is a writer, a poet, and an environmentalist living in Boulder, Colorado. Currently, she is freelance writing for several wellness websites and magazines, but she thinks of herself most as a poet. Morgan began expressing herself through poetry at a young age, and says “it’s absolutely shaped who I am today. It’s at the very center of everything.”

Morgan currently shares her writing online, but keep an eye out for her book coming out at the end of the year! Keep reading for a Q + A with Morgan, and don’t forget to check out her work… you won’t regret it.

Q + A

When and why did you start your brand? 

To be honest, I am not sure I set out to make a business or brand. I just started sharing my writing online because it helped me process difficult things I was going through, and I found that it helped other as well. Once I started connecting with people through my writing it opened up a door I never thought was possible. My brand is still in the very early stages but I can feel a huge shift and transformation coming. It’s very exciting! 

What currently inspires you? 

Light. I’ve begun really paying attention to the way light transforms everything in it’s path and playing with that in my writing and photography. It’s so beautiful what can come out of ordinary, every day moments. Life is such a gift and I think that is captured beautifully in light. Also – I just finished the book ‘Braiding Sweetgrass‘ and it absolutely changed my life. The way Robin Kimmerer crafts her life around beauty is so inspiring. 

What are you looking forward to for your brand this year? 

My book coming out will be huge!! It’s been a 2.5 year project and seeing it come together has been truly magical. I am also looking forward to seeing how my personal brand evolves – I have a couple things in the works right now that I am really excited about. I want to infuse my pages with much more intentional posts on health, wellness, self care, and sustainability – they are all things I am passionate about but haven’t found a way to express yet. I have gone relatively silent this past year on social media and on my blog and because of that I have gotten a lot of clarity on who I am and what I want to put out into the world. 

What do you want people to know about your work? 

Mmmmmmm. I want people to know that taking care of themselves, and their heart, is a radical decision that will impact everything. I strongly believe that self love is global love – that when we nurture ourselves we in turn nurture our communities and our earth. I think every single one of my poems comes down to this, and it’s why I’ve really begun looking deeper into what “wellness” truly is. We all ache to feel whole – and when we give ourselves the space to explore wholeness and how it manifests in our own lives we heal so much more than just ourselves. 


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