It’s the last couple weeks of December, and we are counting down the days until the new year (and the new decade!! what?!?!) This past year has been a year of creativity and growth for The Salt Influence, and we relied on a few tools to help us level up our social media game! Here’s a list of our fave social media tools from this past year– hopefully there will be a few you haven’t heard of, and they’ll help you start off the new year with some inspiring new tools in your belt! 


If you are trying to grow your social media account and you’re doing it manually, this is a HUGE game changer. There are quite a few social media planning tools out there, but we have loved using Planoly for the past year because it’s easy to use and looks beautiful. With Planoly, there is no more scrambling to post to Instagram and Facebook every day; you can plan out all your posts ahead of time with captions and hashtags. PLUS, you can add trendy filters, tag people or brands in photos, and even see analytics on all your posts!! We love planning 1-2 months ahead of time, which helps with day- to- day management. The best part about it is that it is FREE for one account, and if you run multiple accounts you can upgrade your plan to accommodate as many accounts as you need! You can also schedule your Instagram content to post to Facebook as well– it’s a win-win! 

PRICE: Free with possibility to upgrade 


Most people know about Adobe Lightroom by now, but we absolutely LOVE it for photo editing. The desktop version is more robust, but you can get the app on your phone for free! With Lightroom, you can adjust exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, and lots of other things to make your photos look perfect. You can also add effects like grain and vignette, as well as changing optics like Chromatic Aberration (a fancy way of saying discoloration due to lens distortion.)  If you’re finding you like a certain style of editing most of your photos, you can create your own presets to make editing a breeeeeeze. You can also download presets or buy them from your favorite influencers if you like their style. 

PRICE: Free for the mobile app


This one might be our favorite photo editing app EVER for Instagram because it gives you the ability to edit *selectively.* This means you can desaturate a specific color in your image, or change a specific hue. We use this all the time when editing for social media because we have seen that Instagram feeds look best when they follow a cohesive color story. Got the most amazing photo at brunch, but the bright green bush in the background doesn’t look good with the rest of your photos? Go into Afterlight and desaturate the green tones in your photo! That bright green will look more subtle, and it won’t ruin your perfectly curated feed. We also love Afterlight because you can add “dust” and light leaks to photos to give them a more vintage vibe. 

PRICE: Free, offers in-app purchases


Okay, guys. This app is a game-changer for content creation. Over has amazing templates for your Instagram stories and feeds with a variety of customizable color schemes and styles. You can also start from scratch and create your own content, using a transparent, white, or black background. Over gives you size dimensions like square and portrait as well as specific dimensions for social media like cover photos and story posts. Once you’ve selected your size, you can choose to add a photo or video, a variety of fonts and shapes, as well as graphics created by artists! You can also choose colors based on #HexCodes, and add effects to your text like shadows, curves, masks, and opacity. They also produce amazing content featuring inspiring creators and social media tips and tricks!

PRICE: Free, offers in-app purchases


We love the app SCRL because it helps create a super unique Instagram post formatting. You can stick with their basic series, or purchase their beautifully designed template packs based upon which designs you like best! Some of our faves are their “instant,” “paper” and “film” template packs. These packs have an Instagram feed and story templates, and we love the unique formatting for Instagram feed posts! They’ll often situate photos so that they are between multiple frames. You can save them as individual photos (when posting to Instagram, you’d post the photos as a carousel post and users would need to scroll to see the full image,) or as a video, which would slowly scroll the full image. Check out an example on our Instagram feed!

PRICE: Free, offers in-app purchases


Unfold is easily one of the most popular tools out there for creating Instagram stories. Choose one of their many beautiful templates designed specifically for Instagram stories, add your own photos and text and save to your phone! This app is super easy, and they are always coming out with new templates to keep your stories looking fresh. 

PRICE: Free, offers in-app purchases

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