In the world of instagram, everyone seems to be advertising their own “secrets” to growth, and it can feel overwhelming. You may find yourself asking, “what is something I can be doing right now that will make a real impact on my social media growth without spending tons of money??” I’m here to tell you that one of the best things you can be doing in 2020 is creating re-postable content. That’s right! This is something you can be doing to build your social media following for free. Here’s the deal…

With ever- changing algorithms, softwares, and growth robots, NOTHING beats good, authentic community on social media. The key to building a real following is creating content that resonates with people… so much that they want to follow you to see more! However, with social media being such a saturated market, (there are more than 1 billion current users on Instagram!!) hoping people follow you because of your content may not be enough. 

It is harder and harder to get your content out there for new people to see, which is why creating re-postable content is the way to go! The idea is that you create content that other people can relate to, so that they repost your content to their stories. This way, their entire following sees your content, clicks, and hopefully follows you as well! (phew! How many times can I say the word “content” in one paragraph??)

This strategy is becoming more popular, especially because it is SO easy to re-post something you like to your own story. In fact, I have an entire highlight reel (titled: “WORDS”) dedicated to re-posted content on my own personal Instagram (and I’m not the only one!)

So, what makes content re-postable? 


Inspirational content is the MOST likely to re-posted, because people are always likely to see content that inspires them and “pay-it-forward” by sharing with others. The most typical inspirational content we see is word graphics or quotes. Check out the examples below!

PS- notice all of the examples include the creator’s Instagram handle within the post itself. This is crucial, because it ensures you get credit for your content if it is reposted. Bonus points if your handle is somewhere difficult to crop-out!



Content that makes people say, “woah, I totally relate to that right now!” is more likely to be reposted, especially if they come with a good caption explaining the photo. Take a look at the examples below; they all have an aspect of relatability to them.

These heart cookies are a relatable take on the classic valentines hearts, but these share messages of inclusivity and self- love. This photo was posted just before Valentines day, and it’s easy to see how many women could relate to this photo!


This word graphic encapsulates what so many people feel on a daily basis. I can think of a few times recently I would have come across this post and thought “omg, I need to repost this! It’s exactly how I feel!” (Bonus points that it’s super cute.)


This is a natural photo of a sweet mama in her pajamas, having a day with her kiddo. While a selfie in jammies is somewhat relatable, her caption goes into more vulnerable detail about the sickness she has been going through, which keeps her real and relatable. It’s easy to see how her followers may repost, saying “I’ve been feeling this exact same way!”


Educational / Outreach

This content is important because it educates your audience and can help spread the word on what is important to you! Whether it is an infographic about something related to your brand, a video tutorial that includes your products, or an informational video that explains your personal efforts of outreach, educational or outreach posts can quickly go viral if done right. Keep these posts punchy, to-the-point, and urgent.

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Okay!! What are you waiting for?? Go out there and create some re-postable content ASAP, and be sure to tag us in what you create @thesaltinfluence so we can get you started with a re-post from us!