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Sophie Stickelmaier

Certified Success Coach

Sophie helps women develop the positive, healthy mindsets they need to achieve massive success in all areas of their life. It’s her mission to guide others in realizing what they’re capable of, so they can go after the life they deserve.


Sandi Mele


Sandi Mele provides flattering and functional styling solutions for everyday women who desire ease and joy in their wardrobes.

She believes every woman can feel beautiful no matter her shape, size, or budget and works in-person with clients in the greater Denver area as well as online with clients inside her online style course, Simplified Style.


Meagan Vigil


Meagan is a balance and fulfillment coach for women in their twenties who believe their life can be beautiful and aligned, but are struggling to pinpoint where to start in creating it.

She deeply enjoys supporting her clients as they define who they are at their core, their most cherished values and personal boundaries that allow them to feel whole and fully themselves. Out of this place, they create a beautiful space to live and love wholeheartedly with authentic presence.