You’ve probably heard of batch tasking by now– it’s all the rage in the entrepreneurial world, and for good reason! Since I changed my scheduling style to batch tasking, I have become more organized and productive with my “to-do list.” Keep reading to learn how you can be more productive with batch tasking… it just might change your life!

What is batch tasking?

Batch tasking is a way of organizing your “to-do list.” There are different ways to organize your tasks into batches, but they are typically organized into groups of tasks that are alike for a specific reason. Gone are the days of miles- long “to-do lists” and jumping back and forth from tab to tab. Organizing your tasks into batches helps you focus on one type of thing to do at a time. I have personally felt WAY more organized since I switched to batch tasking, and I tend to get more things done as well! Here are the most popular ways to organize your tasks:

1- By Type.

Let’s say you’ve got a long “to-do list” full of emails, sending out invoices, editing photos for 3 different clients, writing blogs, and creating social media content. Woah, that sounds overwhelming! Let’s organize all those tasks into batches of the same type. For example, start by answering all your emails at once. Once that is finished, you can move on to sending out all your pending invoices. Instead of editing photos for one client and then sending them out, finish editing photos for all your clients at once, then send them all out at once. 

Continue working through your list by crushing each “batch” of like tasks at a time. This way, you can stay focused on your tasks without having to switch gears or change applications or close tabs. Bonus– take a coffee break after each batch is finished! Get your blood pumping with a quick walk, and sit back down for your next batch of tasks refreshed and ready to work. 

2- By Client.

Alright, let’s use the same “to-do list” example as I used above. This time, organize all of your tasks by client. Start with client #1 and answer all of their emails, send them their invoice, edit all of their photos and send them off. Once you’ve finished with all tasks for client #1, take a 10-15 minute break, and sit down refreshed to start with all your tasks for client #2. Organizing your tasks in this way will help your brain to register your work more efficiently, as it all pertains to the same client. 

Once you’ve finished with all your tasks for clients, turn to one of your most important clients– yourself! If you have trouble allotting time to building your own business, read my blog about “being your own client.” 

3- By Day. 

This is my favorite way to batch task. Take either of the methods above, and assign each batch to a specific day. I choose to organize my tasks by type, and then I assign each type of task to a day of the week. Take a look at my usual schedule:

Mondays: emails, invoices, and secretarial work. 

Tuesdays: Client content creation

Wednesdays: Client content planning

Thursdays: Photoshoots + Content creation for The Salt Influence

Friday: Editing photos, writing blogs + newsletters, and sending emails. 

I keep this schedule every single week. It helps me to feel less overwhelmed with all my tasks, because it no longer feels like I need to get them all done at once. Yes, I know I have some tasks ahead of me, but they are scheduled for a specific day of the week. This allows me to focus only on what the current day has planned, and it also creates a sense of rhythm for myself and my clients! I also love starting and ending my week with emails, so I don’t leave anyone hanging over the weekend. 

So, what do you think? Is batch tasking something you would be interested in trying out? Let us know how you like to organize your tasks in the comments below, or send us a DM on Instagram! We loooooove knowing how you are getting 👏 things 👏 DONE!