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THE SALT INFLUENCE began in 2018 as a creative company specializing in social media, visuals, and branding for small businesses.

Since then, we have expanded into a buzzing digital community for entrepreneurs and creatives, complete with an online shop full of business- building tools.

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Meet The Founder

haley jean marie

HALEY JEAN MARIE is a content creator and entrepreneur. After two years of helping small businesses reach their dreams through social media, visuals, and branding, she realized her passion for educating and encouraging entrepreneurs and business owners.

HJM is community- obsessed, and she believes it is our job to inspire the good in the world through the content we create.

fun facts


Haley started her college career in classical vocal performance before switching her degree to Theatre and Media Production.


Haley loves coffee but always drinks decaf.


Haley lived in South America for half a year, and she loves speaking Spanish!


THE SALT INFLUENCE was inspired by the Bible verse Matthew 5:13, where Jesus calls us to be the “Salt of the Earth.”

We identify with salt, because it adds flavor, but it also causes thirst.

We love adding flavor to brands and businesses with beautiful content, while inspiring consumers to “thirst” for the good within the world.